Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It's been several months since I sent my boy off to Kindergarten with darth vader lunchbox in hand...and a little nervousness in my heart.

Would he be ready?
Would people be nice to him?
Would anyone sit with him at the lunch table?

It was a great year.  A few 'bumps' along the way.

Last week was his open house where we got to see where all the magic takes place.  His teacher, young & artistic, really surprised me with her innovative methods & use of everyday objects as learning tools.

We took a tour of the first grade class rooms.  I watched Jude's little face as he saw how much bigger the desks were and how there was less play space and more learning space.  I think I heard him gulp when he entered the room and shook hands with a few of the teachers.  I just wanted to go through it for him...but I know i can't. 

There will never be another year like Kindergarten....I just can't believe there are only 8 days left....

cucumber & pea plants in starbucks cups - I can respect that!

this guy almost got kicked out of kindergarten!

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