Tuesday, May 24, 2011

8 years

                           May 24th  2003

We were wed.

2 kids in their early 20's hoping to survive on love.

The excitement of being one after a long-distance relationship & engagement. 

Recalling all we would encounter...it's a miracle to see how we've only grown closer. 

The pain of family drama. 

The pain of a brother's death.

The joy of a new son.

The joy of a new city & way of life.




We stand certain that if we can get through year 1 thru 3, than 8-16 should be a relative breeze. 

Confident in love but also in faithfulness & trust.  The basis for which this relationship can thrive.

Our gifts & miracles: Jude & Leland (aka Jude & Lebe)  - the art we're most proud of.

Let's keep up what we're doing & just do it better each day because each day is better because we still are one.

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Maura said...

happy anniversary! love the pic <3