Friday, May 20, 2011

Jude is 6! (almost)

This was the phrase I decided to stamp onto his classmates' treat bags to take to school today.

It was wierd to see that number: 6
It wasn't toddlerish.
It wasn't teeny little playhouse disney-watching boy.
It is the age of my almost first grader.

Leland had a blast while I stamped.  He was all up into the stamps & trying to put the ink pad on his face.  He made the process take twice the time but with 100% more laughter and silly-ness.

I kind of enjoyed making these and realized since I have a summer birthday, I never got to send in treats for friends...Jude is thrilled with how they turned out & cannot wait to give out to his 17 classmates today.

Sweet little mini paper bags filled with individual play-doh containers, alphabet tie-dye silly bands, & toy story stickers. 

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