Thursday, May 12, 2011

second born

Jude was my compliant child.

He wore a bandaid for the first time sometime before his 4th birthday and maybe only 2 or 3 since.

His obedience was unparalleled. His little ears heard every word I said.

Perhaps this is a funny little trick God enjoys playing....perhaps it is the only way to get us to procreate again.

Then the 2nd one comes along.

Leland bit it hard yesterday.  After getting frustrated about having to get dressed, he tried coming up the stairs (running away from me), missed a step & BAM his forehead hit the floor.  A goose egg appeared.

I noticed streaks of red, almost like the skin was punctured but not all the way.  In moments, my adrenaline was pumping as my child screamed in pain.

"Do I go to the ER?"
"Do I let him cry it out"
"Will he even let me ice it?"
"What if his skull is cracked?"
"What kind of Mom am I that I let this happen?"

Jude's bus would soon be rolling in front of the house - it was 45 minutes away from pulling up.

I called the school and secretary offered to keep Jude with her until we sorted through the seriousness of Lee's injury.

I called my Pediatrician and had an appt in 5 minutes....was seen 2 minutes after arriving...and was back in the car in 10 minutes.  I love my child's doctor.  They made me feel like he was simply a boy and I was not a bad Mom.

All was well.  No major harm done.  No bleeding in his ears.  Skull nice and un-fractured.


Leland is going to be our child we parent differently.  The thing that worked for Jude will not necessarily work for Lee.  I am betting on it.

For now, we're just trying to keep him safe....keep him alive...keep him happy. 

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