Thursday, May 26, 2011


that word has always taken its toll.

what looks good?  what doesn't?

who can wear it?
who can't?

I have to say that regardless of the answers to those questions, I have definitely found a designer who pushes the envelope on whether those questions even need to be asked.  Back in the BRAVO days of Project Runway, I used to have a group of gals come by for dessert...laughter...and to talk endlessly about how each designer 'should have done this or that' as if we had ANY clue about the matter.

One of my friends invited a new friend to come, she was worn out from school and even came with homework to do at my house.  She could only stay for a bit.  She was loud & funny & artistic.  I liked her.

Little did any of us know, she herself would be on season 8 of Project Runway just 3 years later...

Valerie Mayen of Yellowcake was that quirky student & just a few weeks back, I got to do makeup for a shoot to show off her new spring line.  I used to have words to distinctly describe her aesthetic but this new line took it to a whole new level.  She is wild.  She is discrete.  She is futuristic.  She is a little retro.  Her designs are fun yet can be taken seriously.

Gosh, the girl even designs Oscar gowns now. 

This shoot is tied for first place with another little video shoot I got to makeup for which was followed by a complimentary 'all you can eat' at our favorite restaurant.

Take a look at the beautiful model Suzy Rowe...the magician-like hairstylist Katie B....beautiful photography by Dan & April O' by moi....and see yourself in a little Yellowcake

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Anonymous said...

Love the dress in the bicycle shot and that green jacket at the end is to die for! So feminine but fashion forward as well. They both have a distinctive "Valerie" feel to them. Makeup was beautiful! Keep on rockin' those beautiful creations out Val!