Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day moment...

It's been a fantastic Mother's Day weekend....downtime, sunshine & a Girls night out with a bunch of amazing Cleveland bloggers.  (BIG thanks to @Chefs Widow & @OhMommy for hosting a fantastic night....)  Cleveland is really full of some crazy-talented & beautiful women!

I had a sweet moment with my sons too - one of those 'I'll replay it in my mind for years to come...' types of moments.  Joel was getting all crazy into yard work and I was trying to keep Leland from climbing on equiptment, jumping off the swing set, and any other dangerous shenanigans.  So, I got both of them outside for a walk in the CLE Metroparks.

I have to say nothing grand or extravagant took place...just 2 boys who really care for one another smiling, laughing & enjoying each other.  We talked with all the friendly walkers & pet cute doggies & even chatted with an older couple whose grandchildren live miles away.

I'm SO excited to celebrate Mother's Day here at my a big dinner with my Mom & Grandmother, my Aunt and some sweet friends.  Let's see if they will notice how much of the food is vegan.....

Happy Mother's Day, loves!

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Jenny from Macaroni Kid said...

The bond between siblings is amazing, isn't it? What sweet moments! Happy Mother's Day!