Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Leland is beginning a stage that is both tough & beautiful.
It's the 18 month stage.

Tough part: He is into everything.  He is mischievous.  He is sneaky.  He is quiet as a mouse when he is naughty. 

For instance, just last week....I caught him climbing up onto a dining room chair....then I went to the bathroom to wash my hands....came back out and he was ON TOP of the dining room table with the glass vase of flowers in his hands as he gulped down the water. 

The beautiful part: The play.  The interaction.  The reciprocating of love back to us all. He even said "Thank you" for the first time on Mother's Day....good timing for what a naughty little guy he can be.  

I enjoy watching his hands as he pushes a truck or car along our window sill.  I love the sound of him making his first 'vroom vroom' noise.  It takes me right back to my Jude....and my heart is grateful to do this again with another golden-haired boy.  I still love to remember the chubby little hands Jude used to have as he pushed a train on his train set....or how his feet looked all squished in sandals going down the slide...

Do you take photos of your children as they play? 

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