Wednesday, January 12, 2011

whatever it takes

It's been a frustrating 24 hours over here.

I don't really understand where all this comes from.

A bully at school.
One I know & am 100% sure doesn't intend to hurt my son.
But yet he does.  All too often.

It all hit the fan - after numerous confrontations - yesterday.
My sitter was home with the baby.
She went out to make sure Jude got off the bus OK.
She could tell he had a bump on his forehead.
She could tell he had been crying.

Her text to me was urgent and I could tell this was more than just a 'boys will be boys' incident.
I am so grateful that even though I wasn't home to deal with it, I had someone so trustworthy to handle Jude.

I got home.  Felt terrible for my son who had a large bump on his forehead.
I felt utter guilt that this child, who was given to me from GOD, was in a situation causing him pain.

On I went, like a crazy person, to investigate.
I documented/emailed/called every person in authority at the schools I could.

I got some good responses.  Mostly, though, I feel like they want to shove this under the rug.
Kids just do this sometimes.


I'm sticking to my guns.
Documenting each time I do anything.
Recorded Jude telling the story.
Took photo upon photo of my son's injury.

When you put your son to bed and he tells you..."Mom, I just want you to make him stop hurting me..."  all you can do is try to not let him hear your heart break.

I will do whatever it takes so that my son is safe.
I love you, Jude London.  I couldn't be more proud of you.

Big shout out to all of you who have been supporting us, giving us awesome & helpful advice, and just being there to help me through it.  I'm happy to say that Jude is doing great.  I kept him home and we had a killer pajama day!  ;-)

Much love from me to you...

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Matt and Sarah said...


Jude is precious. I am SO sorry he is getting bullied by that child. You are perfectly right to fight for him. It is NOT ok for him to be being treated like this. The school needs to take it very seriously. Kindergarten or not. Boys or not. Bullying needs to be stopped immediately. Keep fighting and talking to the school. Unfortunately it sometimes takes a parent to say "no more" and to keep bugging the school to get things done. Praying for him!