Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the big to-do list

So, we are thinking of selling our home in the next year or so....the possibilities of where to move are endless but we have a certain community in mind.

One of the MANY to-do's on our list was to replace our 20+ year old dishwasher.

First off, I can hardly describe to you the terror this dishwasher brought to us.  It not only left our dishes with a wierd film on them...but it would sometimes just NOT close all the way...make noises that would scare our children...and was just a plain old eye sore.

I am pleased to say we checked one thing off our list by adding (what feels like a new child) to our household...
the horrifying scary dishwasher

our newbie princess dishwasher

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Unknown said...

What community are you thinking about moving to?