Sunday, May 29, 2011

children's art

We are doing lots of touching up to our home & aesthetic.

As a young couple, you start out getting what you can for we get older, we see that the 'style' that creates is very hodge podge.  We've started choosing with intention the type of home we'd like.  It's a tad old world...yet warm & cozy. 

The boys room(s) are fun but Jude's we have yet to touch.  We plan to stick Leland in there once he's not such a caveman child.  So I'm trying to find ways to give them distinct style while making the room seem like it goes together.

The art available at is so easy, affordable & inspiring.  We might just have to make a decision on some pieces and then let them guide us towards new linens & window coverings as we go.  I think the boys will have fun with it all.

Here are a few that caught my eye for Leland's side of the room:

For Jude, I want him to have his own style and thought since he's got such a bright personality - going with some bright paint near his section of the room....and some more muted prints - perhaps one that have an educational value - which he will totally appreciate!

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