Wednesday, February 19, 2014

oh grace....

I had think for 10 minutes about the password to my own blog.  That's how long its been.

It's OK though.

Life has been All full in the right places.

This year started out strong and I'm so grateful.  This year's hope for our family was a continued path toward contentment but also to strive to reach personal goals while still trying to live in the moment.

Last year, I started to feel guilty having my phone with me so much...taking photos so often of my think I post a lot?  You should see the photos I don't post!  Then I started reading articles and blogs of Moms who were putting their phones away and never having them out and I really got inspired by that....but then we nearly lost our youngest last Spring...and I remember on the flight home from Miami...turning on my phone and flipping through photo after photo of Simon.  Looking at his face when I couldn't physically be close to him was beyond comforting to me.  The videos of his laugh brought me closer still.  It was then I was really glad for having my phone with me to capture as much of him as I could....just incase it would be all I had.

So, with all that said, I'm aiming for balance this year - I know I will not do it perfectly.  So I give myself grace.  That feels nice to say.


No one has taught me more about grace than my husband.  To many he seems like a tough, quieter fellow...but inside is someone who has been through SO much and yet still is so gentle & kind on the inside.  I think about the times we've had blow ups and full on fought...grace was so far from my lips....but he's blown me away in how he covers my mistakes up with his love.

I am way less uptight because of that and as my children are growing, I'm seeing how this balance of uptight, short on grace Mom + Gracious & hardworking proving something beautiful and powerful in these little men we're raising.

So, with this year already two months in, practically...just a little wave hello & encouragement to have grace on each other...take MORE photos of the people you love....send more notes (handwritten) ....and be extra kind and gracious to yourself.


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