Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jude London

To a beautiful son on a beautiful day, we wish you a Happy Birthday!

You came to us as a shock but delivered such joy.
Your little lips pursed so sweetly as you slept in my arms the day you joined us and
made us a family.

We have been overjoyed by your love & kindness toward others, yourself and us.

We can truly say your life has meant more than you will ever realize.  The year you came, we lost someone important to us.  We lost a very close part of our core and our heart but God gave us you to soften that blow and create in us a beautiful place to begin healing.

We watched you turn into a big brother and to this day are ASTOUNDED by your love & patience with that sassy brother called Leland.

It will cause our hearts intense overflow to see you do this again....become a big brother again while showing Leland how to do it as well as you.

It feels like yesterday I held you in my tummy....especially since I am so full of baby brother right now as it is.  It feels JUST like the days and moments before you came.

We love you with all the hugs we can muster and we cherish your every word & observation.  You are the smartest most delightful boy and we could not think of any possible way to be prouder of you....but we know you will continue to make us proud by simply being you.

Happy 7th dear Jude....

Mommy & Daddy

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

oh what a night

Do you ever spontaneously do something when you haven't been spontaneous in a while?

We did last night.

It was nice.  I had a makeup trial out by Edgewater park, boys in tow, super duper pregnant and decided it would be the perfect night to picnic together....maybe one of our last times as just us 4.

I wore flats which I NEVER do....kept it comfortable, wore my hair in pig tails hoping it would distract people from the gut and towards the symmetry of my face.  ;-)

We got a pizza.  We got some icy drinks. We watched the water and marveled at the city we get to live in.

Love you Cleveland....love your crazy, unpredictable weather and your brilliantly talented people.  It's an honor to raise another little dude here pretty soon.

Happy Wednesday! 
i love how they want to be//walk//stand just like their Dad.
seated beneath a tree.  dinner waiting.

always my curious & observant one

i try to capture his eye lashes whenever possible.  they are perfect.

all was calm
as if Leland is saving a spot for his little bro one day...

Monday, May 14, 2012

we did it

While I normally make birthdays a big deal anyway, this year was especially important to Jude.  It is a very real possibility that his new baby bro will have a very close birthday to his and he was pretty intense about having a 'surprise party'  -  when I'd ask him what kind he wanted, every minute he'd change his mind....

So, I decided to go classic: Muppets

Fun, endearing, & timeless.

The only problem I had was finding ANYTHING with muppets at ANY party store.  So, instead of throwing a literally themed party, I went ahead and kept the colors bright & rainbow-esque (The rainbow connection) and stuck with lots of green....like our pal, Kermit.

Saturday morning over breakfast and leftover Kermit punch....we smiled as Jude looked around at his home full of muppet remnants...and I heard what I hoped I would hear from him: "Mommy that was the best party EVER!"

Thanks to dear friends for coming out to surprise him and blessing him with your friendship and time....it meant so much to Joel and I to give him something special before we transition into some pretty major change around here.

Favors: PEZ Dispensers and tattoo mustaches

Favors:  Silly masks for the kids
this little lady melted my husband to mush....we love you, S! 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

baby boy #3

Ultrasound this morning.

O-M-G - realized that this was the first baby I'd ever had an U/S with at this late stage...and it was WAY different.  Everything seemed giant and that sweet little profile we saw back in January was now squishy baby trying to suck his hands. AH CUTE!

Great news is: He is head down.  I didn't realize how intensely important that was to me until today.  I literally feel like a million pounds lighter - ok not literally - for SURE not literally....but you get it.  A huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  No dilation just yet but his head is engaged and they saw hair and TONS of it in the ultrasound....

To all who prayed, had awesome suggestions for us to get him head down....I really appreciate the time you took to care, click 'Like', etc....you're the best. 

It's official...I'm gitty, dreamy and in love already.

Enjoyed makeup shopping with my Mom and Leland afterward....and then a quick snooze with my little guy and as he lay right up against his little brother....just centimeters from one another....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

my Jude....nearing 7!


I have a 7 year old....almost.

I cannot believe it.  That seems so 'elementary school' esque.

Not little boyish so much but growing boy, busy, reading, book-report doing boy.

His 'actual' birthday is May 22 but with the baby due just 2 weeks later we wanted to celebrate earlier than that.  All he wants is a 'surprise' party...

That's all!

haha!  It's surprising how hard it is to hide things from a curious and massively observant nearly 7-year old.

He seems suspicious but I don't think he has any idea that THIS Friday we will be surprising him with some little buddies and a little pajama party.

Can you guess what the theme is? 

Monday, May 7, 2012

before the baby cave

When we had Leland, I had completely forgotten about that 'baby cave' you dwell in after the birth of a child.
You're nursing so frequently that there is little time to do anything else besides hang out at home, drink water & snack between feeds.  I remember that feeling of 'Is it even worth it to leave right now?" "What if I have to nurse him again at the gas station?" It just felt so eternally hard and exhausting.

While that season was in November/December....and the weather wasn't as pleasant, I'm still trying to gear up my friendships for that cave I might be in for a little bit.

I am thinking of sweet friends and family that I'd love to catch up with and tell them how much they mean to me....as I switch gears very soon.  I love that I have friends and family who 'get it' and don't think I'm a bad friend for nursing my baby and sleeping whenever I can.  Still, its always been a vital part of my soul to keep up with my inner circle as often as time will allow.

Joel is wrapping up projects and preparing to do lots of grilling out this summer...keeping meals easy & healthy.  I so appreciate how he is 'nesting' in that way too and each morning when he wakes up our 3rd little son with his hands, I am reminded at how lucky this boy is to be 3rd son to such a fantastic Daddy.

Until I enter the cave...I'll keep writing.  After I'm in the cave, I'll simply post some pics of my next little bombshell boy....wait til you hear the name we finally picked...I think you'll like it.

<3 <3

just 32 months ago....when Jude first became a big brother....now he's a total pro and is teaching Lee how to do the same.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


If you know me well, you might know that when I am pregnant (pretty much never fails) that I will inevitably get the giggles often and unannounced.

I'm talking in the most inappropriate times.

Like in the middle of doctor's office appointments.
Like at dinner with friends talking about something SO NOT funny at all.
When hearing about something tragic (I know - so bad right?)

My kids have been eating it up.  Just when I'm about to nail Jude about something I'm 'done' asking him to stop....or get them to clean their room....I'll mix up a word or two and we'll all end up on the floor practically needing to crawl to the potty from side splitting, gut-busting laughter.

Just the other day, I take my boys to a local playground - they're playing away.  Lee comes up and tries to push Jude off the side of jungle gym set.  Most Mothers would urgently stop the small child from such a dangerous act.  Jude and I chose to laugh embarrassingly long instead.

I am not sure why this happens.
I think I've probably offended many in these 3 separate sets of 9-month giggle fests.
I also wouldn't change it for the world...

If you are cheerful you feel good; 
If you are sad, 
you hurt all over. 
Proverbs 17:22