Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Had a birthday yesterday - it was funny.

Busy and filled with fun and some just normal things.  Amazing at how birthdays with little ones around end up seeming like normal life....but it was good.

After a challenging 3 weeks with Simon and low weight gain, he blew us away with a 5oz gain over the weekend.  That was one of the best parts of my birthday - seeing hardwork pay off in my sons little double chin.

Also - my husband rocked my sox by giving me 31 love letters over the next 31 days - 2 are written so far and have filled me up with life.   I've always told Joel...."I don't care what the gift is as long as you never forget the card...."  I love that he took it a step further and decided to focus in on words of love above all else.

I was also blessed with an ice cream maker....gorgeous water pitcher and some lovelies from Crate & Barrel....such a sucker for housewares.

Otherwise, I'm just thankful to be healthy, cared for & to have 3 healthy boys.  (I miss you Jude - love that you are with your cousins....thank you for calling me last night!  My heart swelled to hear your voice.)

Thanks for all the wishes & love...always feels so good to start a new year.  Here we go 31!
from sweet Jude while he's away with his cousins for the week.  xoxo!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

almost forgot how to blog

It's been a while.


These last 3 weeks have wiped me out.  I've been interrupted twice already in this post and I'm on word #: 26

I must laugh and laugh and laugh.

I've had to reach out of my 'don't want to ask for help' mentality I grew up with....and simply say, 'Hey, help! This is hard!'

Jude is doing amazing - going to Art camp this week and KILLING it!  SO proud.  He's amazing at putting on Leland's shoes and even dressing him too.  He can put everyone's seatbelts on and can make a mean PB sandwich.  Proud of this biggest brother as we've pushed him to a new limit and he's shocking us with how well he's doing despite the lack of attention he's probably personally receiving.

Leland is intense.
Challenging my needs right now almost as they come.  He's into things and his 18-month mischievous side is BACK!  It was cuter back then but we are also enjoying his comedy hour and performances on a daily basis.  He keeps grabbing instruments and playing songs for Simon or spontaneously breaking out in 'Happy Birthday'....and then when I need it most he will come up to me and say, 'Mommy, you're my girl and I'm your guy."  and then I melt into a pile of nothingness.

Simon - adorable as ever!  He's had some challenge with weight-gain.  Facts are this: He would rather sleep than eat. (Can't blame him, I feel the same way) but I have to consistently wake him up (yes even in the middle of the night) to make sure we're getting a minimum of 10 feedings.  This is my last one so we are nursing NO.MATTER.WHAT!  I love the time with him though....just want to see those rolls start coming fast and furious.

Joel's been by my side....through the moody times...tries to take Simon for me when he can but it's hard to compete with 'Mommy' when she's right in the same room and can be smelled from a house away.  Not gonna lie, I'm loving that part of it too.

All in all.  We are OK.  We are hanging in there.  We bit off more than we could chew on a social level early on in my recovery which led to stress that was unneeded.  Take this advice to all of you having babies soon: NEVER EVER host people in your home right after giving birth.....

It defeats bonding altogether.  I'm done on that topic.

So there you have it - to those friends who have been calling to encourage or texting or simply just 'liking' an instagram pic or two or playing Words with Friends....THANK YOU!  It makes me feel a little like I'm hanging out with friends all day.  All my love....

my partner in life....without him, I'd freak out