Friday, October 23, 2009


So I am nearing week 37...feeling large and in charge...but overly frustrated with how life can overtake my energy. Sleep is barely an option these days as hips fall asleep and go numb or my 4-yr old comes down with flu symptoms and feels like sleeping horizontally with Joel and I. He likes to lay his head on daddy's tummy and legs over top my bulging belly...must be nice to have recliner-parents!

I wake up and am inspired by Joel's committment to get a productive day in and I go to start cleaning only to yawn and yawn and end up snuggling on the couch with Jude watching Dinosaur Train or better yet, Sesame Street.

I have to remember that this time with Jude is precious as it's a matter of days/wks now until Leland joins this family and transition occurs. I am hopeful....excited...and mostly, grateful. Just would love a miraclulous dose of motivation - but guess I have the rest of my life for to snuggle some more...

Here is my latest prego pic....not playin' around....this baby IS coming!