Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Monday!

Last week was bad.

Like constant car repair, debit card hack, & appliance breakdown all in a 48hr period.

Never a good time for any of those, but especially not all at once.  It starts to mentally shake you.  '

'Why is this happening?'
 'Why did God allow it?'
 'Haven't we been faithful with what we have?'

Had to resort, eventually, to the idea that its just life.  Life can just really bite sometimes.

Typically when I post something on social media, it's of the funny/positive nature.  To me, negativity is everywhere and I don't like to contribute to it.  But, life certainly takes on its hills and valleys....and it seems like the valleys are so much darker....

This weekend was jam packed.

Joel and I connected last night and decided this week would be better.  We'd be intentional about conversation.  We would love through action.  We would listen harder to the cute things our kids have to say.  We would read more.  We would tickle them more.  We would kiss more.

So, welcome Monday.  I am filling you with many tasks that need to be done - starting with this tornado of a house situation.


First off, I'm thankful.  I'm grateful for:

-My husband who works HARD s o o o H A R D.
-My eldest son who is occasionally the man of the house - who inspires me and cares for me too.
-My middle son who is director of comedy & affection.  His touch makes me feel like I'm doing something right.
-My baby boy.  Who I adore but is suddenly acting like a boy and not a baby.  Planning to swaddle him today to tell him 'That's NOT OK!'  ;-)
-My wonderful family - supportive parents who pray and who help us get our broken fridge out to the curb.
-Beautiful friends - ones who text/call/write/pray or even ones who give us a new 'used' fridge.  I'm thankful I can be real and still be loved.  That's amazing.
-A job that is something I so enjoy - yet I can put my family first.

Heart is ready for a new week.  Do you have something you are thankful for?  Encourage my heart by sharing with me what you choose to be grateful for this morning.