Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We enjoyed a lovely brunch with our friends, Melissa and Segun...and her sis Marleena too!

It was the one of the few times we've spent some alone time with Segun-her fiance-as he lives in London finishing up school and preparing to move to the US and marry Melissa in 2009. I am honored to stand in her wedding and support this truly anointed couple.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ring In The New Year

Looking forward to a new year with renewed hope and renewed trust. Thanks be to God for seeing us through this year - we will trust that His grace is sufficient to guide us through the new one.

2008 Christmas

Laughter....Christmas cookies...Silvery bows...a 3-year old and his incessant need to open each gift immediately upon receipt....24 hours straight of "A Christmas Story"....baked gouda...Aunt Deb's cheesecake....Mom's Cinnamon rolls....Watching Jude with his cousins...

All these things made us smile upon Christmas 2008.

Jude was enthralled with the magic that comes along with Christmas. We were surprised by his gratitude and eager to watch his face light up brighter than our tree.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm dreaming of a GREEN christmas....

With Christmas approaching, I am getting eager for the smile on Jude's face once he sees what Joel and I purchased for him....

We are taking a different approach this year on his gifts-All his gifts:

1-Have no batteries
2-No music
3-No lights

4-Are imaginative
5-Require only a child to play with them

We are excited about this for several reasons besides just saving $$$ in battery expenses but in allowing Jude an opportunity to use his imagination and motorskills rather than simply "be entertained" this year.

Take a look at some sweet shots of my darling guy...on his first christmas:


and my FAVORITE:
Laparoscopy Shmaparoscopy...

The surgery is over. Stinks to sleep for half the week and realize Christmas is nearly here....but at least its over. Results came back better than I thought...we are going to have more babies....it's just a waiting game.

Thanks for praying...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

our hearts desire...

It's been over a year that Joel and I have decided it was time to make Jude a big brother...disappointment came month after month with negative preg tests and then the miscarriage....what a heart ache.

We are starting on the path of wellness, so to speak. Investigating what might be wrong or what could help us along the route. It's funny because we KNOW it's in God's hands....and the timing is perfect when left to Him but also feel responsibility to get healthy, enough rest, enough water, and to be saturated in prenatal vitamins. It's all about creating a healthy and successful home for a child to grow. It's such an honor.

Pray for us-Tuesday morning i am having a laparoscopy done to take a look inside to ensure all is well with me. Joel is good....so I am praying and hoping....and holding onto faith...sometimes it's grand and sometimes it's mustard seed-size...but it exists. With that, I know a mountain can be moved....

Join yours with ours, friends..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quality Time...

With Joel home for 4 days in a row, it was beyond amazing to see the change in our son. He was content, less whiny, more polite and increasingly adorable. I sat and pondered his sudden disposition and realized for 4 days, his needs for relationship with mommy AND daddy all day long were met 100%!

Our family (Kevin and Nate) left yesterday after a wonderful couple of days together. Once we had some alone time, we found ourselves doing something we hadn't done in a long time....sit, relax and do nothing! At first it was hard, full of guilt...but now that it's Sunday night at 10pm, I realize how important it was for us to slow things down, watch the beautiful lights on our christmas tree, and enjoy a bowl of popcorn while watching Lord of the Rings. Downtime, precious downtime!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Count Your Blessings.....

1. Loving, Affectionate and Faithful husband
2. Precious son with darling personality and another I will meet one day
3. Parents who give godly advice
4. Friends and family who care enough to ask tough questions
5. A beautiful home with character and charm
6. 2 paid off cars....that are identical!
7. Amazing and flexible babysitters
8. Luxury of staying home with my son
9. My husband's amazing worship-leading skillz
10. Health...financial provision...job security

I could go on and on....and God tells us to....

He tells us not to worry about anything but with prayer and supplication, WITH THANKSGIVING, make our requests known to Him. He tells us this because He cares and loves us THAT much to know each of our requests! Wow...

Make your own list...everyday not just on Thanksgiving!

Much love and happy digesting! :)


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It's nearly Thanksgiving....our plans include a morning of preparation of a turkey, sweet potato souffle, and green beans....and then on to my Grandma's house while our food cooks....My Grandmother is hosting Thanksgiving at her place...and I'm very excited about it. Not because of the food or because of any reason but that I truly thank God for her. She watched me as I grew up and taught me so many things about life and about love. She is such a delight to be around and while her first language was spanish, the language barrier never was one.

I always felt her love and even stronger do I feel it now. I look forward to squeezing her tight tomorrow....telling her I love her and gobbling food down with her. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful great-grandma to my son too. He is her little prince and there are certain "snuggles" only reserved for her. I love you Abuela...you are the BEST!

Happy Thanksgiving to all....

In Memory of Sam...

November 13, 2007 we said goodbye to our 2nd child....Sam. I was 4 months pregnant...weeks away from determining the sex (although my gut tells me I had another boy in there....) and our lives got turned upside down. My husband tells me I'm just now becoming myself again...that brings me joy to hear him say that.

One thing I never knew about women who lost their unborn was that the intimacy they shared with that child...was only theirs to know of. This little one and I shared oxygen, blood, and a body. This little one depended on Mommy (without yet knowing it) for every single need. I'm done with asking "why" and I'm just excited for "when" I get to meet our 2nd-born. They must've been pretty special if God wanted him so soon...

We've named the baby Sam....and are so grateful to our parents, sisters and brothers for keeping a special place in all their hearts for this precious child-who is alive and well in Heaven right now.

"i can imagine heaven's lullabies....and what they must sound like....but I will rest in knowing that Heaven is your home and it's all you'll ever know...."

Our Family...

Joel and I found out we were pregant with our son, Jude on September 10, 2004. We were....FREAKED OUT by the thought....but knew eventually that God had a plan in store for us...

Well...4.5 years later....we have a little man about 3 feet tall....38 lbs....and one of the best conversationalists I know. Jude means "Praise" and London means "Fierce Warrior/Ruler" Our precious Jude London is a blessing...a chatterbox...a wrestler...a gourmet "pretend" cook...and has the most tender heart I've ever seen in another human being.

He gets that from my gracious and loving husband. Joel is my rock...my best friend...my buddy...my tickle partner...and a fellow-lover of IKEA. We just work better together than we on our own.

God-thank you for these men...sometimes I feel left out in this testosterone-filled house...but I wouldn't have it any other way!