Tuesday, July 2, 2013

carpe diem

I remember learning this phrase at the Teen mania Honor Academy.  Maybe learning it a little too much.

It was all I could think to call this post, however.

It's summer.  Nearly the 4th of July.  We've celebrated Simon's life....his 1st birthday.  His biggest bro's 8th birthday...his Dad's 33rd birthday.  (SO done with all the bdays btw)

Now, we simply live.  Except it's different.  I've been writing down on our chalkboard wall all the special things we're doing:

1-Beach trips
3-Picnics in the park
4-Visiting a new puppy

Because it all just matters more than it ever did.  Simon is here and alive.  I feel like every color is more vibrant and every sound is more intense.  Life just seems more valuable than ever.  Like even dancing in the kitchen feels really special.  Laying on a blanket in the yard is such a treat.  Going out for ice cream makes the weekend.

You get it.

In other news - not only is Simon alive and well but he's eating everything.  He ate his first pb&j.  His first pasta with meat sauce and his first strawberry this week.  Exciting stuff.  When the big boys come to the table for a meal, he goes and takes turns begging like a pup to each brother...waiting for a morsel.  Even if he's just stuffed himself with his own meal first.  This failure to thrive baby is turning into a hulk baby and I love it.  Man boobs, big ole white belly and chunky thighs.  Simon is here, alive and well.

Thought you'd like to know.