Tuesday, June 29, 2010

crazy love

I remember that positive pregnancy test - after SO many negative ones.
I remember letting Jude tell Daddy that another was on his way.
I remember the smell of garlic sickened me.
I remember cleaning out the fridge because I was so sick everytime that door would open.
I remember crying about how this baby was 'finally' on his way.
I remember my parents coming along to find out his gender.
Dad was right all along.
I can still imagine the feeling of his kicks to my ribs.
I can nearly feel it.
I remember all the funny things Jude told me about my growing belly.
From breaking the house to destroying our car - because of my largeness.
I remember having such a desire for breastfeeding to work.
I am so glad it still is.
This little man makes me smile everyday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

mi abuela

I grew up spending hours on end with this beautiful woman.  She is one of the most steadfast women on earth.  Not a day goes by where she isn't on her knees in prayer for our whole family.  My sons are so blessed to call her their 'Great Grandma' and I am so blessed to call her mi Abuela.

Isn't she so pretty?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

feeling grateful today

It was just 5 years ago around this time, I was preparing to leave my 12 week old baby Jude each day, every day to go back to work.  A part of me was excited.  I did miss the 'corporate'me.  He was a tough baby so the thought of a break from the fussy cries was appealing. Truth be told, sometimes I miss working.  The days can be long.  Joel works long hours.  However, I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to do both: Stay @ Home Mom + Full-time work-outside-the-home Mom. 

 I watch as my sons play with toys together...Leland will gaze at his brother and smile...and I will sit on the floor next to them both praying for time to freeze.  I find myself savoring this time and enjoying it so much.  I don't even get upset about Leland waking up in the middle of the night occasionally to nurse. 

Just a few days ago, as Jude ate his lunch,  Leland sat there salivating and desiring to eat it as well.  Jude looked at his brother and told me, "Mommy, Leland is my best friend and we will be a family and live together forever."  I love that our boys have the value & importance of loyalty and family in them at such a young age. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bye bye brady's...

There is nothing like a goodbye party...grilled chicken...quinoa....rootbeer floats...mustaches...
Last night, we said 'Adios' to dear friends that quickly came into our lives and quickly became a special part of us.  We will miss you, Nate and Jen.  I know your time in CLE was short but you made it better in the short time you were here.  You will be missed.  We will be waiting for you to get back from Australia in your guest room.  ;-)

Love the photos?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

our weekend...of food

Um....not sure this is the best plan when you are trying to take off those last 15lbs of baby weight....GHT - Joel's Bday Dinner with friends....MELT was the Father's Day spot (Joel Pick) and B-Spot was the Father's Day spot(Dad's pick).  Oh man....a week of veggies, here I come!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Fresh air...baby toes in the grass...smell of newly cut grass...barbecue in our bellies....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

p90x revisited

You may have noticed I haven't updated about this in a while.  I have to admit, I got to the 10K race and running/being outside was just more interesting than being in my basement for an hour each night.  Joel and I allowed a week or two to go by and have decided to re-try the p90x workout regime once the weather is icky - as we know in just a matter of months, it will be!

My goals are simple:

1-Get to pre-Leland weight by July 31
2-Lose additional 10lbs by Oct 1st
3-Start p90x Nov 1st.

The other struggle we had with this program was the money aspect - purchasing free weights was just not something we wanted to invest in.  The GREAT news is that by August we will have 2 student loans paid in full and by the time we re-begin the program, we'll be a little more able to purchase additional workout items.

So, what are we doing right now?  Our aim is to hit at least 3x/week running 2+ miles.  (Joel can do more than I can)  I think the race was a starting point for us....we knew it would feel good to accomplish something...but there was just nothing like seeing downtown Cleveland packed with 15000 people all with one purpose. 

On we move...toward our goals.  Ultimately, my goal is to be the fittest I've ever been on my 30th birthday!  :-)  I guess its my way of telling myself that aging is OK.  I have to say that now my hubby is 30...it's kinda hot.

Much love, peeps....(by the way the pic above is of Joel on 'mustache monday')  It has no relevance to this post whatsoever.

30 years of Joel

I can hardly believe all you have accomplished in your 30 years on earth....you've graduated from a fabulous art school.  You have fathered two beautiful sons and couldn't adore them anymore.  You have a wonderful job that has helped support us through a crazy few years of marriage. You have and are the greatest friend I've ever had.

Most of all, you have always remained grounded, humble, gracious and kind. I cannot think of a man I'd want my boys to emulate than you.  Thank you for loving us and giving so generously of yourself.  I am so proud of you, love.

Happy Birthday, Joely bear....I love you!

Monday, June 14, 2010


While playing with Leland on the floor this morning, Jude noticed my wedding ring and band.  He told me he thought it was sparkly and then asked if it was for superheroes.  I politely explained the purpose in it for a man and woman when they marry.  "So Daddy gave that to you cuz you were his favorite out of all the girls EVER?"  Jude asked.  "Yep!" I responded.  He seemed interested in its sparkle.  He wanted it to be just so on my finger.  I told him, "You know Jude...one day you might want to give a girl a ring like this..."  He simply looked at me and said, "Mommy, I am NOT getting married...I can't handle all that kissing stuff."  *smile*

Happy Monday, all!

Friday, June 11, 2010

new to fish

I have never loved fish a whole heap.  However, my husband does.  He has encouraged me to more brave in my culinary ventures.  I think we ought to try this one out soon.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

have no fear RED is here

So, I had a bridal consult last night.  It was a blast.  Not only do I have a gorgeous bride to work with....she is a truly beautiful soul as well.  Nothing makes someone look more beautiful than a kind & pure heart.

Her theme is super fun...her style is fantastic and I'm honestly so pumped to rock her out for the biggest day of her life.  We experimented with some red lip colors a ton....I am amazed at how there is a 'RED' for everyone....it's been a color that's frightened me but with a little bit of trial & error, we found the right one. It's classic.  It's just enough glam.  Oh to do my wedding all over again....

You will have to check back here for her ultimate look post-wedding.  I guarantee she will be a bride any photographer would kill to have in their portfolio.  I'm pretty pumped she'll be in mine. 


I used to care what people thought about me.  I used to care a lot.

I just kinda don't anymore.  Joel taught me a lot about that.  He has a way about him.  Carefree.  Easily focused on something else if one thing doesn't go well.  I used to be, well, kind of uptight.  Sometimes I still am.

In fact, yesterday...I had a ton on my mind.  I slept badly and woke up with little pep in my step.  I was running on pure caffeine.

Today, though, I stopped everything when one of Jude's favorite songs came on...

I took his hand over the family room - and we busted loose.  I'm talking serious, embarrassing, outrageous dancing.  It was insane...it was off beat...it was the most fun part of my day.  Jude jumped around the house.  Leland jumped in his 'Johnny Jumper' giggling away at our silly behavior.  It was suddenly a moment I had pictured a long time ago...Me+my boys laughter....

I wonder how many people act as a way of pleasing others.  I wonder how many dress in a certain way because of someone who will see them later.  I wonder how in the world people think a 'snooty' attitude translates into being cool?

It made me realize how much more I long to live a carefree life unchanged or affected by what others might think.  Truth be told, what 'they' think matters not.  Perhaps that freedom will catch on.  Perhaps others will dress/say/dance how they want to instead of how they perceive others want them to.

It's my party and I'll dance if I want to.

Monday, June 7, 2010

i kinda want to do this

I mean, it would take some time to stock up.  It would mean organizing our basement section we have open into a pantry-friendly zone.  It would just be nice incase of an emergency or even just a tight financial week to have the extra right in our own home. I think it could work.  Thanks to her for the inspiration.

Take your Monday and make it great.  I know I will.  On the list for today:

1-Clean Clean Clean (Check out this new cleaning blog - going to check it out for inspiration)
2-Meal-Plan (I have been slacking on this lately and resorting to order in from here.)
3-Prep for Joel's 30th birthday bash...

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Do you ever have those times where you aren't sad about anything...but you are just there?  It's one of those nights.  I had a wierd day.  Crazy week.  Bad night of sleep.  etc. etc.

I am also in a strange season of life.  Summer is upon us so Jude is home everyday all day....for the last time til next Summer.  (That makes me feel massively emotional and like I want to carve the words "Carpe Diem" everywhere so I don't take a moment of it for granted) I am getting more work with a new business venture (This is becoming a beautiful creative outlet for me).  I am working part-time for my church as the executive assistant to the Pastor.  (Which has been a wonderful way for me to help bring home a little bacon as well as feel significant in the workplace) My husband's full-time job and side jobs are nutso right now so I am trying to help make our home a peaceful place with meals waiting....clothes laundered...children happy to see him.  (This is the part I'm having the hardest time with)

I knew it would happen.  I knew that one day I'd reach a point in my life where I would clean and prepare my home....and 5 seconds later, it would look like a tsunami hit it.  We're there.  I keep tripping over light sabers....stepping on legos....squishing a random grape that fell from the table...and watching that jar of baby food go tumbling to my kitchen floor.  It's nuts.  I only have 2 kids. It's not like it needs to be THAT nuts.

I have realized the strange and STRONG need I have for structure.  I want to take an entire day and organize our things into cute little plastic containers with labels.  I want to take another whole day and prepare for a garage sale.  I want to replace all of our tupperware with new and better tupperware.  I want to remodel like 7 different parts of my home.  (Not including the 5 rooms I want to paint)

TIME - it's just not what we have right now.  So, the melancholy feeling sets in.  I realize, all too well, that I'm human.  I need rest.  I need to sit.  So this is what I'm doing...it feels good to write it out.  All my to-do's can wait.  I will get to them later.

For now....I will be inspired by this photograph by this lovely lady.  I want a room with this chair in it. 

Thanks for listening...all of 3 of you! 

better together

This morning, I was elated to see such a beautiful sunrise.  I was even more elated to know how long my little Leland had slept for.  He has been doing so well stretching his nights out to 9-11hours straight.  Oh what it does for your brain to get rest like that.

I got out of bed....the air was humid and my body was tired.  I walked up to check on Leland and my heart warmed as I walked into his room.  Not only was his sweet little body curled up like an angel but so was his brothers.  Both of them together. 

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

worth repeating

If I've said it once....I could always say it again.

I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! 

Thanks Mr. Joel Nelson for being the man you are.  Thanks for loving on our new baby with such a gentle touch....and wresting our oldest with the tenacity he craves.  Thanks for caring about me....listening to me....being next to me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorious memorial day...

What a weekend!  We tickled our boys....camped out in the backyard...made big breakfast extravaganzas...had a fabo time with my hottie at Lola's...enjoyed time with family AND I got to do makeup for my first Indian Wedding....I am working as an assistant for Kajal by Kimberly and let me tell you....this is such a wonderful artistic outlet.  Amazing how every face has such intense beauty and we have the job of exposing that beauty in such fun and colorful ways!

Hope you all had a safe and beautiful weekend....I am facing my short little week with tenacity and kind of excited that next weekend is only 4 days away!