Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, I got this sweet little part time job...selling handbags, jewelry, beads, etc...beautiful products to beautiful people...I've learned and gathered some information while working at this boutique...Women love to be beautiful.

I watch as they hold a handbag in certain ways at the full-length mirror in the corner of the shop and I stop to wonder if we are all the same. The beauty of one woman saying to another, "That looks phenomenal on you!" or "Oh my, THAT is your color!" Those words...those powerful palabras speak life into the soul. Sometimes I am sad, though...when I see a woman who must depend on these items to fulfill the need she has in her quest to be with the trend...

I continue to pray for each of the genders to rise up to their full potential....where there is no more degradation of the female form...where men can be real men who appreciate ONE woman's appearance rather than adhering to the "Look but don't touch" motto....and where women can walk into a social setting without immediately comparing herself to the other women in the room: causing her to miss out on the most important thing in life: RELATIONSHIPS

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's to you, baby....

So, as a young girl you wonder who your future husband will one day be. Some dream of a handsome man to take them ballroom dancing....ride in a horse & carriage....or be the type that goes outside and chops wood in a hot flannel...

I was known for dreaming of my "David"

yes...all throughout children's church, I was CAPTIVATED by stories of he killed Goliath effortlessly, his care and responsibility for the livestock he was entrusted, his incredible ability to write music and play the harp, and his leadership and intimacy with God. He was the only one in the bible who was known for being a "man after God's own heart.."

From that point on...this legend became my ultimate desire for my husband. That my husband would in many ways resemble this hero of the faith.

Little did I know in a tiny little town of east Texas, I would meet this artistic worship leader called Joel. Second born of 4 boys...skilled at guitar, piano, and with outstanding vocal talent.

It hasn't been until this last year that I've realized what an answer to my child-like prayer Joel has become:

He is a fighter and would do anything to ensure Jude and I are safe
He cares for his home with such integrity
He is the most gifted songwriter I've ever known
He is the most creative person I've ever encountered with ideas too great for his mind to hold
His leadership gift is one that is at its root, servant-like and giving, not demanding its own way
He knows what intimacy is and has taught me a great deal about knowing God personally

So, here's to a phenomenal human being...and one I'm excited to call my husband.

I love you!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Worship Night Jan 2009

We had a group of friends over last Friday night...a random group that never normally hangs out...and God met us there.

We didn't plan. We didn't rehearse. We just came before God...honored Him...and we are forever different...

Joel and I don't claim to have a big home....expensive belongings...but we sure do love opening up what we do have to our near and that is what blesses God: blessing others!

We hope to have many more in the future...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm in awe of this 3 year old little person I live with...his incredible understanding and concern for others and his beautiful way of wanting all people he's near to be involved in what he's doing. Truly, he is a "people-person". My prayer for him is that he would grow up not only in the admonition of the Lord....but would truly gain the importance of sacrifice and selflessness in relationships. I pray that he would realize we were given these precious (and short) lives in order to give them away...

I recently saw the movie seven pounds with Will Smith. After seeing it twice, the movie has struck several chords in me...

1-Relationships aren't real if they don't cost us something (time, listening, etc.)
2-True love is about giving all you are to the one(s) you love.

Now, I know Hollywood didn't necessarily want to display that story line...but that is what I took from it. Life is not simply a series of minutes that turn to hours and hours that turn to days and we occupy them with cute little jobs and card-playing. God intended for us to be given HIS great gift of order to give it EVERYONE else. We live our lives not for ourselves....oh if only more of us understood that!

My son's already got so much of this wonderful attribute and it is natural because he is young....has a sensitive and innocent spirit...Lord, guard it and protect it. May he stay as sweet, kind and loving as he is today. May he always love people as dearly as he does now.

Here's to you my precious son! Mommy loves you a heaping lot!

(Take a look at the darling bracelet he and Brittany for me!)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Oh was I ever inspired when I walked into Anthropologie today...3 yr old in my right tote in my left. I browsed the sale racks salivating at the housewares...cute door knobs, monogrammed coffee mugs, and then I saw these precious hanging ornaments. 75% off!

I looked through them loving each one more than the next....imagining our tree with these gentle lacy ornaments bringing in the tidings for next year...

I stood there for a moment watching the artist paint doves on the front windows...wondering what it was about this store that Joel and I loved so much.

-So much of it is out of our price range
-A ton of it is fad-related and will be dated by 2010 or sooner.
-The customer service isn't what I would call superior.

Why do we love it?

I think it is because it encapsulates a love for the new and the old...vintage fabrics paired with modern jewels...canvas and twine wrapped around shiny bronze and glimmering candles...
I believe the store has done a remarkable job at creating an experience that celebrates femininity spanning from the 1920's to now. It does not put women in a place of servitude, rather it commemorates what we as women do well: create, cook, sew, decorate, and more...

So, here's to a store that I've found even more reason to love....

(Here are the ornaments I purchased-what do you think?)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vegan Stuffed Green Peppers

So, we are on a mission to eat healthier this year....and we tried a new vegan recipe calling for black beans..rice..onions..cilantro....and a healthy dose of garlic. We LOVED the flavoring in conjunction with the crisp of the pepper!

If any of you have some good vegan recipes-for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks....please comment and let us know!

Happy & Healthy Eating to you and yours....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

NYE Bash

Great friends, great food and lots of laughs to celebrate the New Year. Happy New Year Everyone!