Tuesday, January 31, 2012

an 85 year celebration....

You know in blogland, you read all the time about cute parties, elegant soirees, and fantastically decorated weddings....you rarely hear about a lovely party for someone who's lived through all those milestones and more!

My Mom had an idea of how to celebrate my Grandmother's 85th birthday - a SURPRISE party thrown just for her all about HER!  If you know my Grandma, she is no attention hog so this would surely be something she'd never forget.  I remember watching my boys as the room hushed and we prepared to yell SURPRISE! They loved seeing their sweet Abuela's smile as she gazed at a room full of friends and family who dearly love her and wanted their best wishes to be given personally on her big day.

My Grandmother's passion - aside from family & prayer....is sewing.  She is known for making beautiful pieces for all her friends, family, grandchildren as they walk through weddings/babies...so my Mom threw a party themed around buttons & the therapeutic role sewing has played in her life.

Here are a few pics from her day....so loved being a part of this event for the sweetest Grandma ever....

Children in bottom right photo: My Mom on the left and my Uncle Sam on the right (I looked JUST like this as a little girl)

cakes done by Cakes by Julie

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