Monday, January 30, 2012

so much more than I bargained for...

In realizing how many balls we're juggling these days, I've never been more aware of the little things my husband and sons do to help make this machine of a household run. 

It's such a sacrifice on various levels to give without expectation of a return and to continue doing something even if, perhaps, you aren't thanked for it. 

I guess its the definition of selfless  -  simply not focusing so much about what SELF needs.

My husband and I have sought out to be people who exemplify this characteristic and often fail with one another....

This last weekend was an example of where my husband went above and beyond to help, love & admonish me.  He reminded me that I'm pregnant and my energy levels just aren't what they used to be....on account of growing a human 24/7....he made sure little things were done so I wouldn't have to worry and he treated me to pampering which helped the entire process, let's just be honest. 

All this is said not in a manner to brag but to remind ME that there are needs we all can be meeting for one another.  Yes, our lives are hard....we might be going through a rough time, etc....but take eyes off of self and look to help/encourage/assist.  

I'm grateful Joel reminded me of this recently....
LOVE this poster found here


Liz Lyons said...

HI, and thanks for finding our 'let's do it' print and posting it. Glad you liked it!
best wishes
Liz, Oxford UK

JMillerFam said...

absolutely! its lovely.