Wednesday, January 4, 2012

over the moon

I know not everyone is married and I know not everyone wants to be.

That is completely OK.

Something that everyone needs to learn (including me) is how powerful it is to continually celebrate your spouse, remind them of their incredible potential, & be the positive voice that says, 'You're phenomenally talented & you astound me..."  *even when times get tough*

I am learning this and this year, I am setting out to be that edifying voice - marriage is NOT intended to be like 'Everybody Loves Raymond' with a nagging wife & passive husband....

2 people CAN collaborate in more than just procreation.....but also in creativity, in music, in spirit, in strategy.

Whether you 'feel' like your spouse needs to work on their issues or's ALWAYS easier to control what you can: YOU

YOU choose to affirm them when no one else might
YOU choose to surprise them with kindness & thoughtful behavior....
YOU choose to pray & support them in the quiet of your will matter to them one day

Food for thought during this inspiring start to a year....more change happens when we allow the need to be 'right' to take a backseat to the need to serve.


At Last Event Planning said...

well said!

Stephanie said...

Such a great post! Just catching up on what's happening in your life ;) Congrats on the third boy!