Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the container

We are full on into maternity clothing around here - or at least clothing that is forgiving.

I am strangely reminded of the pregnancy with Jude - due almost the exact same time frame, got pregnant during a year after losing a good deal of weight, etc.

It was sad to put some new clothing away.  Clothing I JUST got into.  Wasn't I just blogging about getting into my skinny jeans like a minute ago?


Now don't feel bad - I'm not fishing for compliments about my looks - trust me, I know pregnancy is a beautiful state and I wouldn't trade it for the world.....there is just something about seeing that huge panel of fabric extend on the end of your new jeans....that makes you laugh a bit at what is happening to your body.  Joel gives me the 'Aw look at you...' face almost every day now.

It's part of the process and I'm ever as eager to pull out that container when the bump goes down....

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy being a little large and in charge for the next 19 weeks....heck, someone asked if I'm due 'anytime now...."  the other day.  I just smiled...."nope, only halfway! "

(at least I'm not as big as Mia Farrow carrying twins...yet....photo below)

Happy Tuesday lovies.....


Bethany Taylor said...

So where is the beautiful picture of you love?

Anonymous said...

Gosh...stick my face on that photo and I'd swear it was me carrying Josiah. I was totally going for the torpedo look with him. Can you imagine what my tum would of looked like IF I had twins in there???

Can't wait to rub that belly of yours on Friday!!