Monday, January 2, 2012

all things new

Hope your holidays were Merry...ours were tougher than we'd hoped.  Just a blustery combination of sickness, unfortunate car repairs & mishaps galore.  It resulted in crabby behavior and less than magical moments....but

I have been reading through a lot of 'reflection' blogs lately....looking back and then quickly looking ahead.

I couldn't help but marvel at the last 3 years.

-Joel's career completely aligning with what he'd originally dreamed about doing way back when we were dating....

-2 children who have literally brought life out of us and caused our guts to hurt from the laughter they've evoked...

-Our hearts have healed from several years of spiritual abuse at jobs where we were intimidated, manipulated & all in the name of God.  We still look back and thank GOD we got out of there when we did.

-Friendships bountiful in honesty, openness, sillyness, seriousness & full of genuine care.  This one we prayed for YEARS ago...

- A marriage that's made it through nearly 9 years...and not just survived but love that has taken a whole new dive into covenant, faithfulness & respect.  I am truly able to be better as I learn to love my husband & give wholly to him.

It's been quite a crossroads - these last 3-4 years - and 2011 topped it off as the year we REALLY did what we talked about doing.  The point where we moved from 'decision' to 'action'.

~Joel and I stopped talking about booking an 'us-only' vacation and we DID it!  (good thing as we came home pregnant and it might have been our last shot for one of those for a long while!)

~I stopped talking about running again and actually did it, finished my first ever 10K run, and continued a health regime resulting in 20lbs lost and LOTS of confidence gained.

~We put time and love into our home, our bedroom, our kids' rooms....makes it hard to even think of selling as this place as it fits us like a glove.

All this to say, I'm proud of us.  We didn't just talk about it.  We did it.

The same goes for 2012.  We do not plan to fail we plan to accomplish our goals.  I hope you are too...make that margin between decision & action no margin at all!  You will feel great this time next year!

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