Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There is a belief out there by many people - even those who know me well - who truly think I am organized.

It blesses my heart.
It makes me feel good.


I am truly deceiving you all.  If I am organized, it is because I work VERY hard at it or am completely annoyed by 'stuff'

It doesn't come natural.

This year, unlike last year, my resolutions aren't many.  Last year, my goal was to drop 20lbs (which I did), start a running regimen (which I did) and finish a 10K (which I did).

This year, I am focusing on the home.  Making the home special, organized, pleasing to the eye and creating practical storage solutions that will work for even our little Leland.

My goals are to completely organize my kitchen cupboards, office, linen closets & laundry space...oh yeah and obviously....our new son's room.

Here is my inspiration but would LOVE to hear your ideas on how to stay organized!

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