Wednesday, January 25, 2012

organization part 2

Was SUPER motivated last week to purge old junk, organize & repurpose some spaces last week in our home.

Ironically, I tackled the lower level built-in shelves in our dining room.  Since we've moved here, we've literally used one for coloring items and play-doh....and the other for, well, stuff we didn't know what to do with.

Do you have one of those places?  a Junk drawer of sorts but you cling on to things like the packaging to a gift you got....the box your GPS came in...the instructions to a dishwasher you are perfectly able to use....

Yeah, that was our drawer - I emptied it, surveyed what we needed.  Turns out I had been keeping (unknowingly) a photograph of Joel and his ex-girlfriend from WAY back in the day....for the last 9 years of marriage.  I had to chuckle and say to myself, 'Jess its time to throw some things away....'

So there I stood with empty units, their contents in garbage bags or in other more appropriate locations of the house and I had to choose: What is the purpose of this space?

It felt good to make that choice.  Rather than allow life to come at me and for me to react by hiding items I didn't know I didn't need....

So, the unorganized and overstuffed cabinets are now my little baking houses caring for my baking pans, mixer, etc.

It felt good to make that choice and I'm excited to tackle our linen closet today....

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