Monday, January 16, 2012

major major nesting

The 20 week mark has come and gone.

We are now less than 20 weeks away from meeting this boy.

The nesting instinct has taken full force and several organizational projects are ready to go.  The MAJOR one we wanted to cross off our list was our boys' room - we moved Jude and Lee in together about 2 weeks ago and couldn't be happier with how the transition has gone.  They are even becoming closer buds now that they are roomies. *warmfuzzyfeeling*

My husband did a remarkable job with the refinishing of our beautiful hardwood floors, installation of new baseboards and painting the walls a crisp white.  We took off their closet door to enhance the size of the room and utilize the top for clothing/storage and the bottom for toys & games.

I am so proud of my man!

Here was Jude's room before:

and Jude & Lee's room AFTER

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