Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've hit it.

The 10lb mark in this pregnancy.  (at 22 weeks)

Why am I documenting this ridiculousness?  No, its not because I have nothing else creative to say....

The reason is that compared to my pregnancy with Jude (who at this point I had put on 37lbs by now)
and compared to my Leland (who at this point I had put on 17lbs by now)....

I am pretty proud of myself.

The tough parts were in the beginning when no foods sound good....'cept cereal and meatballs.

The other aspect is when a healthy & active lifestyle is 'already' in effect, your metabolism is just moving quicker, responding faster & not doing the damage it could on the body.

I'm thrilled to say that while it'd be nice to just use all my previous maternity clothes, they are too BIG. yay! 

Amazing how you live & learn....and while they say "Oh don't worry about what you eat during your pregnancy" ....I know better and I know how hard it gets when your tummy drags on the floor, your cheeks look like they are always full of food...and your legs could resemble trees at thanks!

Here's to keeping lbs coming on....slowly.... 

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