Friday, April 30, 2010

food inc.

I know it's been all the rage - this documentary - I feel like the last one on earth to watch it. 

It made my heart sad to see the direction America has turned...we seem to want to cure companies want us to be healthy...doctors want to have success in providing healthcare.  YET - the most basic of needs is being denied to so many....especially to those who are on a limited budget.

I guess it shows me that all we need to do as families is simplify.  Eat our vegetables, fruit, whole grains and proteins.  It makes me want to read more, investigate what I buy, and ensure the health of these boys. I think we are moving, as a country, in a direction where we will growing our own food once again.  I think we might even get our own chicken.  I'm kinda serious.

I want to start growing some of these:

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