Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The West Side Market

In the last year, Joel and I have fallen in love with going to the West Side Market during the spring/summer.  He works just minutes away and it makes for a great lunch date.  Now that I have a reliable vehicle, we can have lunch dates more often...and while they are only an hour, I look forward to them so much.

The market has been around since the mid-1800's, believe it or not, and has undergone many renovations.  It's a fantastic place to get fresh produce, meat, cheeses, breads, desserts....however, with our strict diet.  It was fruits/veggies on the menu today!

 Take a look at all we got for only $9.50

Leland was with us today since he didn't have any other plans....oh and yeah, he's 5 months old and 100% dependent on me!  ;)
Jude was at preschool so it was nice having just the baby, Joel and I.  It was his first experience at the market.  He cooed and smiled at strangers.  An old woman came over and told us she thought he was very cute.  We agreed with her and thanked her with our smiles.  I love living in a city where people still talk to one another...

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