Monday, April 26, 2010

start of week 4 p90x

Ok, so we totally worked out last week....but not all 6 days. 

We also ate ice cream.

We have started a new week.  Thankfully, I still lost about .25 of a pound last week.  phew.....

A few thoughts as we start our 4th week:

1-We might be switching from P90X Lean to P90X classic.  My cousin informed me that its a bit more of a challenge and we might get more 'bang for our buck'
2-I'm THRILLED about being down 1 size.  It gives me tons more options in my closet.
3-I am enjoying the feeling of being sore - good thing as that is how I feel nearly all the time. 

I'm still nursing Leland....and plan to until he turns 1.  I noticed my milk supply drop so I increased my calories a bit as well as my water and things seem to be MUCH better.

Keep asking us questions....bringing on the to press PLAY!

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