Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a week of 3 cool things

1-I really love organizing-but don't always make the time to do it.  This week I overhauled our closet, the computer/desk area and our finances.  feels like I lost 10lbs!

2-My little guy is nearly 6 months old.  I love that he rolls around.  I love that he likes to eat my nose.  I love that he smiles at his brother EVERY time he sees him.  I love that God answered my prayer by giving him to us.  I love that life is getting so much more 'normal' now that I know how to be a Mom of 2.

3-Jude is planning, along with the rest of his preschool, a Mother's Day Tea Event. All he will tell me is..."We're gonna make those Moms Cry!"

Here's to a week of loving simple...thanking others...

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