Monday, April 26, 2010

a quote

So this new show on Bravo started last week.  9 by design
This show is totally on my 'MUST WATCH EVERY WEEK CUDDLED UP WITH JOEL & A HOT CUP OF TEA' list.

This family is huge.  Their interior design projects are something from a different planet.  The spaces they create remind me of a fairy tale.

Something I heard the wife/mom say in last week's episode stuck with me this week.  While she is enormously pregnant and still manages to take care of 6 children...they get ALOT of press.  They get invited to a ton of parties and social events.  As she and her husband are being interviewed, they say something that blows my mind..."We'd rather hang out with our kids than anyone else..."

With all the media attention their design gets them...with the obvious talent exuding from this union, they still value the tight, close-knit time together with their young.  It's inspiring.  Sometimes I don't feel like that.  Sometimes I can't wait to leave my house.

That quote stuck with me...this past Saturday was my cousin's Sweet 16 party.  It was a long day.  I got home and I was looking forward to having the boys in bed and just laying down.  As I was about to send Jude up to bed, I turned on the TV and noticed one of his favorite movies was on: Ratatouille  - so I went and got us a snack...asked if he wanted to snuggle and watch the rest of it with me.  The moment I will never forget was when Jude, upon finishing his snack, put his arm around me (like he sees his Daddy do all the time) and cuddled me close.

Savor the moments, friends....savor.

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Chels said...

What a cutie your son is Jess! I love the rare moments when I get to catch up on your cute lil fam by reading your blog. Hope all is well!
love love!