Wednesday, April 21, 2010

simplicity is sacred

I sometimes have to watch myself.  Joel and I both have a tendency to dream...dream so big that we covet things we don't yet have....wish we had more money to get those things....and sit a big pile of discontentment.  While this doesn't happen often, it happens.

It's in those moments I realize the power of a grateful attitude and taking a moment to realize the success we have had.

Success in the simple things is so beautiful.  I love to wake up in the morning...enjoying the sounds these boys make as they play & giggle on the bed...get a cup of coffee and give my love a sweet kiss as we start our day.  I love when Joel tells me a story of something funny at work and we just laugh and laugh. I love when he is working on a website and shows me his progress or asks my opinion.  I love when we find a show we love and cuddle up just as it starts.  I love preparing for one of our workouts and seeing that he put some extra ice in my water.  I love when Jude colors a picture and before I have to ask what it is, I suddenly see what his little imagination dreamed up. 

I think of the verse that I consider my lifetime motto:  If you refresh others, you yourself will be refreshed.  (prov 11:25) It's a contagious thing to value what we have.  It makes us realize our problems are so much smaller than our eyes can see in the moment.  It brings joy to a heart that is downtrodden...

So, look at your many hours do you have left before your kids go to bed?  What things can you do together to make the 'simple things truly sacred'?

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Bethany said...

thanks for this post Jess. It was a needed reminder on a day that I have "so much to do"