Thursday, April 1, 2010

a conversation

It was a gorgeous day today. 

Everything about the day made me smile.  I took the boys to the metroparks...watched geese, turtles, and walked around getting in some much-needed vitamin D.  Afterward, Jude was ravenous and I decided to take him to a playland of some nature.  We ended up at BK-hadn't been there in ages and knew he would be thrilled.  What I didn't realize was who I was about to meet.

2 young children played along with Jude.  The boy and his little sister accompanied by Grandma and Grandpa.  I sat holding Leland and listening to the laughter.  Little did I know Leland was making eyes at the cute Grandma across the way.  She smiled as he cooed and bashfully smirked back at her.

Small talk began...I learned of their reason for being with their grandkids...they were watching them while they folks celebrated 10yrs of marriage in Toronto.  I told her how wonderful I thought that was.  She asked me why I thought it was 'so wonderful.'  I went onto say how I know of some Grandparents who spend little to no time with their grandkids....and all the while, they could be building that relationships with them...and also helping invest into the marriage of their parents. She whole heartedly agreed. She also mentioned she had 4 kids of her own.  After the 4th one was born, her husband and their father left her...helpless...hopeless..alone.  With 4 kids under 5, she had to go at it the best she could.  She teared up telling me how she wishes she could have enjoyed it more when they were young....but her only goal was to survive.

6 years after he left her, a new man came into her life...swept her off her feet...and willingly proposed to her.  She could not believe a man wanted to marry her because of how many kids she had....this year, those two celebrate 37 yrs of marriage.

I am grateful for my family.  I am thankful for the husband I have.  Today, however, I am thankful even more for his faithfulness to me, our sons and our God.  It is amazing the people that surround us each day that we barely glance or smile at...and yet, inside each of them is a story.  Hers happened to be one of redemption.  However, my heart must wonder how many stories are missing the redeemer role.  Perhaps I need to listen more my heart more willingly...share the truth more readily...

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