Friday, April 1, 2011

well, it's april 1st...

You know what that means?  Mother's Day is NEXT month - yayyy....

I'm kind of loving a good Mother's Day - you get the cutest little hand drawn pictures while the hubby fusses over you. 

Want to know my wish list?
First on the list - The Flavour Thesaurus -a culinary-lover's guide to flavour combos - yeah, that belongs in my kitchen or even on my lap with a soy latte right about now.

Secondly, I am really getting into Zumba.  LIKE...really getting into it.  I even googled how to become an instructor one day - THAT is how much I love it.  (I don't really want to teach it, just love how exercise can be THAT much fun)

So...this is my 2nd Mom's day gift wish.  ;-) 

Happy April All!

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