Thursday, April 28, 2011

lifestyle changes

After a full 30 days of a vegan lifestyle - I can truly say a remarkable change is noticed.

a full 5lbs is gone
energy level is amazingly high
I am finding I am even able to get up in the morning without feeling zapped of my energy
Coincidently, I find myself wanting to rest at a more decent hour.

Am I finally an adult now?

I am also trying to continue in my training towards the 10K in 2 wks.  I can run 4 miles (it's hard but I can do it)  A few weeks back, however, I went for a run outdoors, didn't stretch thoroughly, ran a bit too fast and pulled my hip flexor.  It was such a bizarre sensation.  It felt like my hip/groin area was numb and when I stopped to stretch, the pain really set in.

It hasn't been the same since.  I took a 2 week hiatus off running and tried again last night.  I did just shy of 3 miles and it felt great.  I am super sore this morning but I am confident I can do this race and then try and do some strength-training afterward to help those muscles really heal. 

Amazing how you feel about yourself when your body, your diet & your work are all given your 'best' - there is something amazingly rewarding about knowing you couldn't have possibly done any better and you are just simply proud of yourself. 

A quote I heard yesterday from a dear long lost buddy....was this: Some people try too hard. Some people don't try hard enough. My goal is to do neither.

It's a freeing concept to live life, putting your all into what matters, without trying so hard & perhaps caring SO much about what people think. Instead...what do YOU think about you?

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