Friday, April 29, 2011

18 months

Leland had his 18 month check up today.

My Pediatrician adores him.  Like really.  He held him, gave him smooches on his cheeks and even felt really guilty about the one little shot he got today.

One thing he said that stuck out to me was this: "Boy that Leland has some spirit...and I bet he's got a temper too!"

I agreed.  I told him I can already see that he will be our non-conforming, creative & possibly musical child.  He wanted to know more about Joel as a child.  So, I told him about how he was 2nd of 4 boys...crazy talented in all things art/music...but also with a very spirited sort of 'wild' streak about him.  An inner rebel that I am seeing identically in our son.

I am finding with Leland that I when I get frustrated...or have trouble finding out what he needs that I have to think back to Joel.  Joel is 100% introvert.  He needs the silence of a space to recharge.  On many busy weeks (such as the one currently ending) he needs to have time with his electric guitar...amp turned up very high...and to get out some rage.

I am finding Leland is no different.  When he gets fussy...or irritable, I stick him in front of our piano and problems seem to go away.

The older you get, sweet Leland, the more you remind me of your Daddy.  That is a really wonderful thing.

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