Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This child.....my 1-year old.
He makes us laugh.SO.HARD.

I have a feeling he always will.

On Easter Sunday, he was no different.  His shirt would not stay tucked.  His tie would not stay put.  His hair would not stay combed.  He is wild. In ever way.

Joel and I appreciate this about Leland - his wildness.  He has a swagger already at only 18 mos.

This picture (taken at our family gathering by my cousin) tells it all.

While Aunts & Uncles waved him down with easter goodies.....he refused each one...grabbed one that was NOT his and proceeded to sneak off to a room by himself and check it out.  This is the shot that was captured.

Do you see the rebel trapped inside his little peanut baby body?

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