Tuesday, April 26, 2011

154 Days

Until we board our flight to Dublin.

We are in the meantime enjoying all the daydreaming...the laughter over things we want to do & try there....the foods we keep hearing about there...the authors we're finding out were born there....

Dreaming is so fun when you dream with one you love-especially when those dreams also eventually come true.

Today....I day dreamed....about the clothing I want to wear while I'm in Ireland.  Aren't these fun?  Thanks ModCloth for helping me kill off a half hour of this gorgeous day looking at clothing....
imagining a night out with my love...dinner & dancing...not sure who I'd dance with as we all know it won't be Joel!  ;-)

ah. this one is just so fun and playful....perhaps for our castle tour and on the day we feed seals!

oh and I think this one is PERECT for the day we clear out the camera and visit historical churches getting photo after photo....
can't go to Ireland without green shoes, right?

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