Monday, April 18, 2011

vegan day 25

So, this little road to vegan living has bee far less bumpy than I thought.

There are options left and right.
There are ways to create texture in food that is delicious and 'buttery-tasting' without utilizing the norm.
Sometimes it's nice to see how you can do what you love...just using different ingredients.

I am enjoying a few basic things about this new way of life:

1-I lost 4lbs
2-I am in love with artichokes in a deep way
3-Dark chocolate makes problems go away
4-I may as well as start my own Aladdin's franchise
5-I like tricking my family with vegan meals and then telling them it's vegan once they have eaten it.

It's like having an identical twin and switching places.  kind of.

Thanks for all the sweet means SO much.

For now, I leave you with vegan eye candy....courtesy of sweet potato soul.  oh how I love you!
coconut cake - yes please!

raw lentil hummus....let me go grab some pita bread and some netflix

chocolate banana brownies - my 'one time a month' NECESSITY!

Brussel sprout salad.  Truth be told: Joel LOVES brussel sprouts so this one will work!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I love the banana brownie idea. I think I'll try bananas for the kids and raspberries for me. Thanks!