Saturday, April 9, 2011

saturday sounds

5 year old tromps down the stairs with a bucket of legos
the legos fall 
the 5 year old giggles and emits an 'oops!'
the husband and I laugh quietly while still snug as bugs 
a little 1 year old sings in his bed
mumbling sounds from 'gaaaa' to 'laaaaa' to 'mamamamamama'
the coffee machine's gentle sound of milk-frothing creates anticipation of morning
the smell of cinnamon invites us to make breakfast
breakfast is made
1 year old has pulled out all unnecessary cooking tools for necessary play
boys giggle
husband devours
i listen
boys head down to the basement for wrestling time
i clean up
i listen
to the sounds of laughter
sounds of boys who missed their dad all week
and have him to themselves all weekend long.
best sound ever. 
 happy saturday loves!
image courtesy of Dan O'Keefe