Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Joel and I really do not look at V Day like it's this uber special day to celebrate our love.  We always do something....but nothing huge.

Something about the season of life we're entering, though, I believe caused us both to utilize the weekend for romance & an excuse for delicious food.

A few months ago, Joel and I tried L'Albatros - french cuisine at its finest (so we'd heard) 

We tried it for ourselves and our experience was nothing short of magical.  We sat there, amazed by the food, but brilliantly blown away by the service.  We said to ourselves, 'This is OUR place.  We cannot come here too often....let's keep it special." 

Well, we have now been there 3 times since October because we can't handle how complex & rich the food is. 

Last night, we stuck to some favorites - decided to try the Frisee & Bacon Lardons with Poached Egg.  We could barely speak as we ate this delicious salad.  It's crunchy yet savory quality made something that is supposed to simply be a 'starter' truly so very satisfying. 

 We had a to wait a bit longer for our table but we didn't mind...they went around handing out sparkling champagne for any inconvenience it caused...and when we were told we probably wouldn't get into the room we had requested, we were then surprised with an opening in a lovely part of the restaurant....it was perfect.
we sat right there!

I hope you made a memory with someone you love.  If not on Valentine's Day....then every other day.


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Terrica Joy said...

Oh, I so agree, every day should be love day. Kind of makes me feel like a rebel, but then again I kind of like that ;-)

I just posted about own...hmm...less than perfect, but still wonderful evening. ;-)