Sunday, February 20, 2011

hot dates

It seems like these days, going out on a hot date is something to be coveted.

I mean, I can't tell you the amount of times I have wanted to go out but with the rising cost of babysitting...or just plain ole 'unavailability' of sitters, those desires sometimes go unmet.

Joel and I have really, truly uncovered some wonderful ways around this.  We have been perfecting the lost art of simply enjoying a meal we both took the time to create.

vegan stuffed green peppers
What could be better than chopping vegetables while laughing over something that happened with the boys?  What is better than tasting eachother's food and giving the 'Giada' look as we delight in whatever has been achieved.
white-chocolate dipped lemon biscotti

Joel got me this book for Valentine's Day - I think it's going to take these nights to the next level.  BIG thanks to Christine for her suggestion...
from my valentine
We are now seeking the perfect dutch we can start our first homemade bread together... oh and we also need to learn to poach an egg just right!  Picture Amy Adams in Julie & Julia! 

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