Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i am woman.

After a really great weekend - spent at a marriage getaway our church held - we came away with tons of great knowledge.  Some for the first time, others just really great reminders.

One thing I realized - and perhaps this is why so many women blog these days - is the sheer quantity of thoughts a woman undergoes in a given day.

Call me crazy but I just didn't think men were THAT different in this area.

What was insane to me was to really take an indepth look at this: I will process hundreds of thoughts in a given day, dozens of them simultaneously & many of them unwarranted and even unwanted!

So no wonder when a relationship issue comes kills our task list because it can eat away in our mind....or even a past will almost disable our ability to accomplish what we may have set out to do.

What I also realized was how important it was for my husband to understand this - so that he doesn't think I'm a total psycho. 

I'm a woman.  I'm wired this way.

What is even more interesting is the power Joel (or any of your husbands) have in helping to reassure us of our place...our significance...our meaning.  THAT is what separates the boys from the men.  The 'roomates' from the companions...and the passive from the heroes.
little did we know all we would learn after this day...



Debi said...

I LOVE your blogs girlfriend! You truly speak to us women!!

Unknown said...

...the passive from the heroes. I love this.