Thursday, February 3, 2011

artist...who me?

Photo by Dan O'Keefe
 What does it mean to have a fear of failure? 
For me, it meant "try nothing new so that you can't screw it up." 
I remember growing up it was as simple as a bunch of friends wanting to introduce me to a new card game - but I had little interest since 'they all knew how to play' and I would most likely do poorly. 

I spent much of my childhood as a mature child.  An only child.  Around adults.  It can sort of create a superiority complex - leading you to believe that if others saw you fail, it would be BIG.  It would be bad. 

So, on I went through Jr. High & High School doing what I KNEW I could do.  I enjoyed that life and nothing was even remotely wrong with it. 

Then I got married. 

I didn't realize the sheer talent in the man to whom I said, "I do."  Mostly because his humility was more in sight than his gifts.  I knew he could play a guitar.  I knew he could sing.  I had 'no idea' the depth to those gifts. 

In fact, in just our first 6 months - here is what I discovered about him:

1-He is a phenomenal photographer (not for work just cuz he loves it) 
2-He is the most brilliant & intelligent song writer I've ever heard of. 
3-He has a fantastic sensibility about him - he has really good taste in music, clothing, style, and even home decor. 

That is ALOT to 'not' know about someone until after you wed. 

2010 was sort of the reverse for us.  It was time I learned a new thing or two about art.  It was time that I believed in the depth that lied within me - so easily brought out of me by my husband. 

A few years back, a new friend entered my life.  There are more purposes to this friendship than I can share.  All I can say is that it changed me.  I saw life a little sweeter and I experienced someone truly pull something out of me (besides Joel) 

She is a fantastic make up artist -she has taught me a TON about the art & about the industry itself.  She and I spent a good portion of this last year together creating a business that would both be a blast....make us some extra cash...and truly do what we were born to do:  Help women discover beauty that they had not yet seen.  

I'm thrilled to work with this lady for years to come and see how the business changes and evolves.  For now, I'm excited to share a few images from some work I had the chance to do with Kajal by Kimberly.  


photo by Laura Dye Photography

Photo by ZMedia

Photo by Zmedia
Photo by Dan O'Keefe

Attack Cat Photo Shoot - Laura Dye Photography

Photo by Dan O'Keefe

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