Friday, February 11, 2011



1. Behavior that causes discomfiture or annoyance in another.
2. An inclination or tendency to play pranks or cause embarrassment.
3. One that causes minor trouble or disturbance: The child was a mischief in school.
4. Damage, destruction, or injury caused by a specific person or thing: The broken window was the mischief of vandals.
5. The state or quality of being mischievous.
This child is full of mischief. 

In a given 10 minute period, he will have the entire contents of a bathroom drawer emptied and all around him. 

By the time I realize how 'quiet' it seems, I will find this boy pulling out each diaper from his changing table and put them into his crib. 

He will, in a matter of moments, climb into drawers, cabinets, and even our oven warmer (when turned off). 

His favorite things are appliances. 
Hiding in them, climbing in them, & just simply removing their contents.
He is a toothbrush stealer.
A crayon-chewer.
A chalk-hoarder.
Jude has discovered a new grace about him to simply take a deep breath when the freshly-cleaned room is now littered with toys all over his floor.  I'm proud of that big brother. 
A few nights ago, I took the boys to Barnes & Noble.  It was the typical scene.  Jude was reading books quietly & Leland was walking around...taking books to strangers and indicating he'd like these perfect strangers to read them.  As I would kindly try to apologize, these lovely people would begin the book when all of a sudden my cute little peanut would pass gas like a 70-yr old man. 

I have this feeling he is going to always be the kid with plenty of stories to tell. 

Happy Friday!

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