Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yesterday started with a surprising phone call at 5:30am from our school district.

I loved it.  It felt like when I was in school and the greatest feeling known to man was that I could go back to bed...having no obligations all day long. 

Joel tried to head into work - ended up turning around and working from home.  The 30 minute 'normal' drive would have been close to 2 hours if he had tried it.

It was hilarious to see these boys be kept from their Dad so he could work.  Leland would inevitably sneak over to Joel's office and tap on his back to blow him a quick kiss.  Sweet.

Jude surprised us all by taking my request of him to 'go and get dressed' as permission to be dressed as Darth Vader all day long. 

I loved this day. 

Happy Weekend one & all...

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