Wednesday, February 23, 2011


If you know me, you know I am into the reality of all things: relationships, design, art

I don't like anything if its going to be fake, duplicated or manipulated.

I am surrounded by massively created people.  Like seriously...CREATIVE people with gifts deep & wide.  It's sometimes a little intimidating because the talents range from culinary interior film's ridiculous this crazy little city called Cleveland, OH could have SO much to offer.

I am not in blogland to make money.  It's simply an outlet.  It's simply a way to know more about others while allowing others to have a peek into me.

I have to say, though, one of my good friends - a jewelry designer has a spring collection I'm drooling over.  I am in love with each piece and think she might just be having kind of a busy summer with how creative she was in putting each piece together. Not to mention adding a new baby to the mix of her accessories as well...

Take a look at Océanne

Photography from Pazza Photo (Dasha Slobozhanina)

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