Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What is it about Target?

Why is it the 'Cedar Point' of errands to run?

I mean it could be sleeting, hailing and I could have a swollen toe and I'd still look forward to a stop there...

We went today.  Random list of things we needed.  We wanted to bake cookies...needed trash bags...etc.

As we prepared to check out, I noticed quite a long line at each of the open registers...except for one.  It was her!  The woman I met just before Christmas.  The "hearing impaired' woman!

I remembered back to my 8:30pm run on the day before Christmas eve...fresh out of tape and twine....I made the quick stop at Target and saw this sign "Cashier is Hearing Impaired" and I remembered reading it thinking, "That is awesome! I will totally go in her line!"

This same woman...with her smile and beautiful eyes...was waiting for someone to choose her line.  My lads and I stepped up to the belt, put our items on, she scanned, I kept Leland from climbing out of the cart for the 14th time, and ran my card through the slot.

What I found MOST interesting was that, although, there was a supposed WARNING or sort of a 'BEWARE OF CASHIER' feeling given by the sign...I felt she honestly communicated more than the average cashier would.  She waved at the baby...he clapped his hands for her....she giggled....she gave Jude a high-five.  She handed my receipt to me and whispered "Thank you" as we went to leave.  She just might be my favorite girl at my favorite store.

I could not help but think as I loaded my items in the car how much she said to us. I'm certain that this is a big deal for her to have a job in a world where there is little mercy given...a world where convenience and speed is viewed as most important.  I love how much she said without saying anything.  I love how grateful she seemed to be given a chance.  I loved how my sons didn't even notice her impairment.  I bet she doesn't realize how much she told us today...


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i was in her line once and now i look for her when i'm there. beautifully written.